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This is software I wrote for me. If you want to use it, go right ahead. No warrantees, guarantees, or other promises towards their use or function; use them as-is. They were virus free and functional when I uploaded them. Questions or comments are welcome at mike@mikeinsupport.com

If you find any of these programs useful, help me by donating bitcoins to 1HPqMByzYo6QXvSYoE8cLPxNgL9Z8QbetU
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If you know me and are in the Salt Lake area, I have some that I can sell also.

  • Mapped to UNC - A quick utility to show the UNC address of the control files.

  • Satoshidice Simulator - Satoshidice.com is addictive, and finding the best betting stategy requires thousands of roles.

  • Password Manager - You need this if you have more than 1 password to remember.

  • File Synchronizer - This program will make sure you never lose your Projects files again.

  • MovieLite Video Database - This is a program for keeping track of all your movie and TV series video files.

  • Stock Recycler - Never lose money in the Stock Market again. Yeah! Right! This program tracks your stocks and computes buy and sell points. This takes the emotion out of your decisions and allows your plan to succeed.

  • Data File Tester - Finds corrupt data files and reports status.

  • TPS File Repair Utility - This program is my best attempt to create a Tps repair utility.

  • Oplock Disabler. - This program turns off opportunistic locking in an attempt to prevent data corruption.

NOTE: You must have WindowsXP, Vista or Windows 7 and they must be up-to-date to run any of these programs. Internet Explorer 7 or later is required for proper download.


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