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Who needs this program?

This program is for anyone that has files or directories that are changed in multiple locations, and you find yourself copying from one hard drive to a thumb drive and then back to another hard drive. I have a “projects” directory that I’d forget where my most recent changes were kept. I would spend too much valuable programming time just looking at the dates and times of files in multiple computers and thumb drives. This program helps prevent lost hours of work.

How to Install?

Click the Install Link and follow the instructions on the install screen. Your browser will probably give you the usual security warnings and that's OK. Just RUN the install program when you are prompted. When this is finished, the File Synchronizer will run and be ready for your input.

How it works?

To run the program, click on your Start button, Programs, Mike in Support, then on the File Synchronizer. To begin, just click on the “Add Item” button and choose whether you are syncing one file or a whole directory. Then you will first select your first file or location and then the second file or location. It doesn’t really matter which you choose first because the File Synchonizer will always copy the latest version of each file in the correct direction. When you are ready, just press the “Synchronize” button.

You can sync multiple shared computers thru a network connection, or my prefered method synchronize to a thumb drive. The thumb method provides you with a portable backup. The actual list of files to be sync’ed is kept on the computer that the File Synchronizer is installed on, so you can have different lists of files and directories on each computer. This way you can create backups of your personal info on your home computer and work files from your office computer, both on one thumbdrive. If the File Synchronizer is installed on a server, then you can use it to pump updates and file changes to any and all computers on the network. Uses go on and on…