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Who needs this program?

This software is for anyone that has more than a couple of different logins to remember, or anyone that is using only one password for all their different things. Too many people use the same password for all their stuff. If you always login using “Sally” and “kittens”, then how hard would it be for a hacker to go to the couple of dozen main banking sites and try “Sally” and “kittens”. It wouldn’t be hard at all. If you’ve ever logged into one of the multitude of social networking sites, then there is a good chance that your password is already compromised. With this password manager you can create different logins for all of your important sites and not have to worry about them being lost or stolen.

How to Install?

Click the Install Link and follow the instructions on the install screen. Your browser will probably give you the usual security warnings and that's OK. Just RUN the install program when you are prompted. When this is finished, the Password Manager will run and be ready for your input.

How it works?

To run the program, click on your Start button, Programs, Mike in Support, then on the Password Manager. The first time you run the program, you will click on File and then Create New File.  You will enter a Master User ID and Password that is used to control access to the rest of your passwords. After this you'll pick a location and file name to store your passwords.  If you don't know what this means then just hit enter and accept the defaults.

To add your various passwords, click on Edit, then Add Item. Choose the catagory and fill in the form.  That's all there is to it.