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Who needs this program?

This program is the culmination of years of tracking the stock market and analyzing various investment strategies. It is also a modified version of a betting strategy that has been utilized in casinos world wide. In utilizing the “double-down” strategy in roulette, I realized that you couldn’t lose. Odds were that you would eventually hit and win every bet back and then some. But why doesn’t everyone use this in casinos? …Table Limits keep you from doubling down beyond a certain point and protects the House from continuous losses. While the player needs to double his bet by 100% every time, the house freezes the bets to the table limit. Once the player reaches the table limit, they have lost much more than the house and every subsequent loss multiplies that loss.

When I first started playing with double-downs in the stock market, I lost a lot of money. In analyzing the problem I realized that I was playing the stock market on the wrong side of the table. I am the House and the market is the player. So by applying the casinos rules to my side of the stock equation, I should be able to protect the house! What amazed me is how fast I started ‘winning’ my losses back. The Stock Recycler simply tracks your investments and applies the formula I have developed. It provides you with the buy points that protect you from the market as it constantly tries to double-down. It also provides you a sell point that let you out of a position effeciently as prices rebound.

You still need to pick stocks that are not going to go bankrupt or just fall in one direction forever. But other than that any stock will work. And the more volatility the better. Stocks that constantly go up and down (think oil) are perfect!

How to Install?

Click the Install Link and follow the instructions on the install screen. Your browser will probably give you the usual security warnings and that's OK. Just RUN the install program when you are prompted. When this is finished, the Stock Recycler will run and be ready for your input.